Social Media is a Better Way to Connect with Customers

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Social Media – a Better Way to Connect with Customers

A recent survey  by Brian Solis and revealed  interesting stats about the way small businesses connect with their customers.

The survey suggest that a majority of small businesses still rely on e-mail for most of their daily communication with customers.

Of course, e-mail is a vital connection between small businesses and traditional customers. However, e-mail is not the way connected customers, called Generation C, prefer to connect.

Social media is a better way to connect with customers.

However, the survey stats suggest that only one-third of small businesses do not use social media AT ALL.

Not using social media to connect with today’s customers is akin to relying on fax and The Yellow Pages. Did you know that a generation of customers have never touched or seen a Fax or The Yellow Pages in their lifetime! Yes, I know that is hard for many of us to believe, but it is true.

Social media is a better way to connect with customers. If you are a small business owner, why wouldn’t you take advantage of a more efficient and natural way of connecting with your customers?

Social media is a tool that can help you build a community and foster good will making you more likable. And we know, that customers are more likely to do business with the people they know, like, and trust.

Social media is a tool to engage with your customers. You can be sure that customer engagement converts to your products being purchased better than an e-mail blast.

Whether your customers find you on Facebook or by walking into your brick-and-mortar store, you can continue  conversation with your customers through social media channels.

Social media can transform the way you reach your customers. Many of your customers or potential customers have smart phones. Some of your customers will use their phone as their primary Internet source. Customers often check out your products and services before ever entering your place of business.

People are accustomed to shopping in an environment where practically everyone has access to the Internet.

So the question becomes, why are all small business owners not taking advantage of social media tools?

I think many business owners feel overwhelmed. They don’t know where to start. They are afraid. They are chicken-hearted.


Why are small business owners not using social media?

Why are small business owners not using social media?
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The Wiktionary defines Chicken-hearted as not brave; lacking courage; cowardly.

This is the way many people feel when asked to use new social media tools.

Actually, a better word is technophobia, the fear or dislike of advanced technology.

How Do You Overcome the Fear of Learning to Use New Technology?

One step at the time. I am here to help you. Many other social media experts are available to help you.

You may be interesting in taking an online class that I developed and teach at Jefferson Davis Community College. Classes begin August 19, 2013. You can find out more information here or contact me.

If you are not ready for a college class, sign-up for updates to my blog in the top right hand side of this post in the blue box. Comment and let me know what topics you need the most help with in getting started with social media.

Remember, there is no question you can ask that I will think less of you for asking! If you have that question, you can be pretty sure that someone else also wondered about it as well.

I appreciate your questions! This lets me know your need. This helps me to understand what I have not covered well. So by all means if you have a question, ASK in the comment section at the top of this post.

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