The Disconnect between College Students and Aging Faculty

Millennial Students

Millennial Students

The millennial students are those born after 1980. How they communicate, collaborate, and learn is much more digital than older faculty can appreciate.

These differences create the disconnect between college students and aging faculty.

Brian Solis, a digital analyst, sociologist, and futurist says, “For the millennial, digital is their DNA.”

It is this detail that separates millennial students from older faculty members. As a result, we see a split in our colleges between those faculty who “get” this connected generation and those who do not or will not.

The young millennial students and Generation Z behind them are in fact wired differently.

Consider some of the differences between the older and younger generation as pointed out by Brian Solis.

Differences Between the Older and Younger Generation

Comparison Between Older and Younger Generation image

Comparison Between Older & Younger Generation

As Faculty Age, We Should Not Become Irrelevant.

These young students started life differently from us. Will we refuse to see the world through any other way than our own perspective?

In a study by JWT entitled GEN Z: Digital in their DNA, we see just how different the younger generations are.

While some of us are still wondering if social media is a fad, we learn from the study that almost half of Generation Z feel their real social life happens on social networks.

Over half feel that it is more convenient to talk to friends online than in person.

Older Faculty Must Learn How to Evolve from Analog to Digital.

The millennials and generation Z were born with digital in their DNA.

Engagement strategies, learning strategies, and faculty-student interaction need to be more digital to meet student expectations. Students now prefer “screen face” to “face-to-face” interaction. Those screens include laptops, tablets, and smartphones.

What are ways that faculty members can change to meet the needs of the younger generation? Please add your comments at the top of this post.

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