How to Create an Infographic with PowerPoint

How to Create an Infographic with PowerPoint

Infographics are a graphical way of getting your point across to your target audience.

People do not like to read.

We scan information to see if we want to know more about a subject.

An infographic helps to quickly catch the attention of your reader.

Infographic software such as Piktochart and are sophisticated programs that will help you design infographics.

But PowerPoint is an often overlooked design tool. You can quickly create an Infographic with PowerPoint.

If you already own and know how to use PowerPoint, it is an option you will want to consider.

Review the infographic below. Step-by-step instructions to create an infographic in PowerPoint are included below the infographic.

A video is also included below that demonstrates how to copy the PowerPoint slides into a free photo editor to create the infographic with PowerPoint slides.

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How to Create an Infographic with PowerPoint image

How to Create an Infographic with PowerPoint

Steps to Create an Infographic with PowerPoint

Step 1: Open PowerPoint and give your Infographic a title.

Step 2: Create your color scheme. Choose the background color and Theme colors. I used the Title Only layout for my slides. Choose the layout that will work best for your data.

Step 3: Begin building your slides.

Choose your images, SmartArt graphics, symbols, etc.

Don’t get too carried away.

You want your infographic to be colorful and graphical, but NOT too cluttered.

Be sure you research your topic and narrow down your information. Focus on one subject. Put your information on five or six slides at the most.


  • Keep it simple
  • Use good design
  • Tell a story

Be creative: Add shapes, maps, charts, and/or diagrams. Your data will determine the type of images you use.

Don’t forget to give credit where credit is due. Cite your sources.

And add a call to action. What do you want your audience to do as a result of viewing your infographic? Click on a link, signup for a newsletter, vote, etc.

Now you are ready to open your slides in an online editor.

1. Save each slide as a .png image. In PowerPoint, you select the slide and choose Save As. Change the file type to .png. You will be asked if you want to save all the slides or just the current slide. Save just the current slide. Now do the same for each slide.

2. Open  Choose the option to open image from computer.

Pixlr - Open Image from Computer image

Pixlr – Open Image from Computer

Open the first slide. Now change the view to 20% (bottom left) and change the height of the image canvas by dragging the slider all the way across. The height will by 4,000 pixels.   You will delete any extra space on your canvas after adding your slides.

Insert First Slide Image

Insert First Slide


Change Canvas Size image

Change Canvas Size

2. Now open the second image [File, Open]. You now have the second image open on top of the first. Select the second image [Ctrl A] and copy the image [Ctrl C]. Now click on the first image and paste the second image on to the first [Ctrl P]. Repeat this process until you have copied each slide onto the Canvas. If this sounds confusing, watch the video below.

3. You can move the slides, if necessary, by choosing the move tool and dragging the slides. Crop any left over blank Canvas.

How to Create an Infographic with PowerPoint Video Tutorial

Other examples of popular infographics (some not created with PowerPoint, but could be)

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  • Sarah Ziglar

    Infographics is a great tool to get your point across, and in a very entertaining way. I am not a big fan of reading and sometimes it takes me a few times to read something before I fully understand what is being said, and what the point is. With infographics, it is not just words to read. It is shapes and different colors, which makes it much easier to follow and comprehend. Being able to create an inforgraphic with PowerPoint is awesome, because I love to use PowerPoint. I think PowerPoint is a good tool for being creative, and can really help keep the audiences’ attention when giving a speech or presentation. I already know how to use PowerPoint, and I love to be creative, so I am excited to try it out and create an infographic.

    • carolhbates

      Thank you for you thoughtful response, Sarah. I am looking forward to seeing your Infographic. Have you thought of a topic?

      • Sarah Ziglar

        I have not thought of a topic yet, but I am working on it!

  • Samantha

    I understand most of the social media things we have done with the exception of a few. However, this inforgraphics thing is probably the most confusing to me but I think its because I just couldn’t come up with a topic. It is a good way to get information out but that really depends on what kind of information your trying to convey. Some of the inforgraphics just had too much going on to really understand it.

    • carolhbates

      You are right that Infographics take a little while to grasp. That’s why I gave you two weeks on this assignment instead of one. I am looking forward to seeing your Infographic, Samantha.

  • christian

    infographics make power point so much better but to tell you the truth it looks like inforgraphics is not a walk in the park i see all these designs with the information in it and it looks like it will take time to grasp all of this. the biggest thing i like about this is that you can make new designs how you want its like a new technology the only thing is that i have to go grasp how to do it

    • carolhbates

      Thank you for your comments, Chris. You did a good job with your first infographic. I bet it was easier than you first thought!

  • Caleb Dickey

    This whole infographics thing is something completely new to me. I believe it is a great tool to use to try and convey a message to other people in a simple way. Most of the time people don’t really pay much attention to the matter inside the presentation, but with infographics it keeps them interested. Although I think this is a good thing, I am not a creative kind of person. Making designs is not something I am good at. I may make a presentation that looks great to me but is awful to everyone else, so I will have a tough time completing this task.

    • carolhbates

      I’m glad you learned something new, Caleb! You did a good job with your first infographic! Your info graphic kept my attention and made me hungry!

  • Charles Austin Cooper

    I’ve never heard of infograpics until now but they look extremely useful. My only real question is do you have to use powerpoint? Or is it two completely different things? Other than that I think this can be really useful.

    • carolhbates

      No. You do not have to use PowerPoint. That was just one option. You can use Piktochart or a similar Infographic program.

  • Fletcher Forte

    I haven’t heard of or used infographics until now. They look like they can be very useful even in everyday conversations. People really do not want to have to always read to understand or learn something and infographics are a great way to simplify the learning process.

    • carolhbates

      Glad you learned something new, Fletcher. Infographics are a great way to simplify the learning process. I agree.

  • Sherman Rountree

    I haven’t really use or discuss infographics with anybody, I use Powerpoint but its getting old. Infographics is easier to comprehend, its something new and great for presentations showing illustrations or different pictures. The only thing was hard to me is finding a topic I can use and puttingt pictures up but once I got the hang of things I was ok. I really think I can use infographics in the future its a learning process but I might be better than Powerpoint after all.

    • carolhbates

      Glad that you enjoyed the Infographic project, Sherman.

  • Paula Sanspree

    I have really never heard of infographics before. I have seen pamphlets that resembled infographics, I have always used PowerPoint and any presentations I have done in the past. I love color. It gets my attention quickly. So I really like infographic. I just had a huge amount of difficulty because I have an old computer and did not have PowerPoint.

    • carolhbates

      Glad you learned something new, Paula!