21 Mind Numbing Google+ Facts, Figures, and Statistics

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Mind Numbing Statistics – Photo by Microsoft

Google has made amazing strides in computing. We enjoy most of these technological benefits, but some of these facts, figures, and statistics reveal how much Google can potentially know about you.

Consider photos on Google+. Based on the photos you upload, if you search for “beach” or “sunset,” Google’s pattern recognition can find all of your pictures with a beach or sunset in the image.

And you probably already know that Google searches the content of your private emails to present relevant advertising to you.

The brilliant engineers at Google are always trying to find out about you so they can decide from your online behavior what you are willing to buy.

Check out these Google+ facts, figures, and statistics. Some  may make you angry. Like how the NSA (National Security Agency) secretly tapped into Google. Allegedly, the NSA subverted the law by intercepting communications between Google’s various data centers.

21 Mind Numbing Google+ Facts, Figures, and Statistics

Which ones benefit you? Which ones concern you? Do any surprise you? Do any make you angry? Please add to the Comment section.

  1. 60% more users than Twitter.
  2. 500 million monthly active users.
  3. 625,000 people join Google+ everyday.
  4. The majority of users, 67%, are male.
  5. 1.5 billion image uploads per week.
  6. 2nd largest social media site in the world.
  7. Offers “Helpouts” for getting face time with experts on all different kinds of topics.
  8. Provides Photoshop-like set of tools for enhancing photos.
  9. Ability to combine images, videos, and licensed music into a single video clip.
  10. Offers custom URLs (also called vanity URLs) to the average user.
  11. Automatically analyzes home videos taken on smart phones and uploaded to Google+.
  12. Incorporates SMS text messaging into Google’s messaging service.
  13. Location-sharing capabilities.
  14. YouTube comment system is now integrated with Google+ and comments are sorted by relevance rather than date.
  15. Live-streaming Google Hangouts which operate like broadcast television.
  16. Ability to use text searches to find images in photos.
  17. Connected classrooms enables students around the world to take virtual field trips.
  18. NSA has been getting confidential information from Google.
  19. The Chinese have hacked Google sites.
  20. If you share a video on your Google+ Page, it will link back automatically to the original YouTube page.
  21. YouTube comments now requires a Google+ Login.

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