Local SEO Side Project: Maryville Appliance Repairs Website Evaluation

I have a story for y’all that is weird yet wonderful and very exciting. It was only a few days ago that I was talking about the idea of moving into local marketing except I never planned on doing it until I launched my own products.

Today my refrigerator broke down and I had to call an appliance repairman to come to my home quickly and take a look. I was freaking out so bad because I had just bought a lot of fruits and vegetables that I didn’t want to go bad. This all happened at the odd hour of 10 pm so finding someone that could come out fast began to get harder and harder. Eventually I came across a website that was hidden deep within my Google search, meaning it was on the 10th page. Being an SEO geek I notice things like this. :)

When the man finally arrived around 11:45, which was exceptional by the way and something we were so grateful for. While the owner, Henry, was working I began to thank him and told him about how it took a lot of searching to find his website but I eventually did on page 10. He of course had no idea what I was talking about and I could’t believe how I was geeking out to someone I didn’t even know, but I was tired I guess hehe. Anyhow, we got into more details about how rankings work and what Henry said next absolutely astonished me. He asked if I could get his website on the first page of Google! I was blown away by the question being as tired as I was but quickly agreed to take on the challenge.

I have only heard a little bit about local marketing and never had an actual client before, so it’s going to take some quick research on my part to get things going. If anyone can make any suggestions to me of a good place to learn about local marketing then please feel free to leave your response in a comment anywhere on this blog. I feel kind of weird posting his website on here but I also need some suggestions of what to do to get started. Visit Maryville appliance repairs to see his website and provide me with some starter details. If anyone could, it would be greatly appreciated.


Here’s what I have noticed so far, and this is formed from what I already know about regular SEO.

  • The on-page optimization looks good and like whoever did it did a good job with the content and making the keywords look natural.
  • Websites that have pictures tend to convert better so this site passes that test.
  • There is a good amount of information that talks about the services they provide and they have a page for each of the services, which is good for creating an authority domain.
  • The have a form to capture information from leads.
  • They have “About” and “Contact” pages to build more trust with prospects.
  • Their phone number is on the top of the page for easy access and repeated in the content all over the website so that people constantly have it in front of their faces.

So what am I missing?

I’m no local marketing expert by any means and would like to get going on this guys project as soon as possible so if you guys have any suggestions then I would greatly appreciate what you have to say.

I found this video on YouTube that I suppose does a decent job explaining what the heck local marketing is about. Would anyone agree that it does a good job explaining things?

I also found this article on the subject and found it to be quite credible. Ugh, it’s just so hard not to get caught up in the information overload process.

Obviously I need to learn more details. Thanks again everyone and I look forward to hearing your responses.

Which Type of Marketing is Best for Me?

There are many types of online marketing and I have been talking about a few of them here lately – mostly affiliate, local,  and network marketing. So what is the difference between these three and the other types that are out there, and how do you figure out what kind will fit you the best?

All online marketing is based around earning money whether it’s through selling someone else’s products or services or creating your own to sell. 

Affiliate marketing is where you market a product or service and earn a percentage of the sale as a commission.

Network marketing, also known as MLM (multi-level marketing) is similar to affiliate marketing in the sense that you earn a percentage of a sale when someone buys a membership to a company that sells these products, which you then earn money by doing the same. This is what many people refer to as a “pyramid scheme”, which is not always true. Many companies out there do sell scammy, low-quality products with high up-sells and monthly memberships while others provide a high value, community based atmosphere and one that actually benefits people. Mary Kay and Avon are examples of these types of companies although most people sell products like these offline.

Local marketing is the process of putting marketing campaigns in place for brick and mortar businesses around your area. This is easier and much less competitive than affiliate and network marketing, so highly recommend if you aren’t up for the challenge.

Then we have paid marketing which can include posting ads on Facebook or using Google Adsense, or a variety of other ways to advertise to a targeted audience. This can be a quicker way to bring in leads and sales without having a full blown website.

Finally, I want to talk about email marketing, which can be time consuming yet completely worthwhile. Email marketing consists of building a list of people through many outlets including blog posts, videos, solo ads, social media, or a variety of other ways. When you have a list of people that already know, like and trust you it becomes effortless to sell any products or services you are promoting.

I hope you have found this information to be useful and if you have any further questions about anything I talked about here today, feel free to leave me a comment in this post or anywhere else on the blog.



Motivation for Online Business

Let me tell you now: It’s going to take a lot of dedication and motivation to get yourself to break through the barriers of starting a business online. While it’s tough to start up any new business, the concept of starting a business online is made to seem to easy by gurus and affiliates that want nothing more than to sell you on the product they are promoting.

Because of this fact that things seem so easy, people become involved with programs or opportunities that could work, but don’t typically because the person was promised that things would be like a cake walk for them and they wouldn’t have to put in a lot of hard work. It’s just not what they thought they were getting in to.

The reason I am saying all of this is because it is very easy to get discouraged online and compare yourself to the success of others. With reasonable expectations and a killer work ethic, you can do anything and the key is to remember that. Back in my days of struggling I watched the video that I have posted below and it was very insightful. Of course you can’t go wrong with Tony Robbins, but you have two of the top producers of the internet marketing industry, Frank Kern and John Reese, doing an interview with him. These are definitely three millionaires you want to listen to so I highly suggest that you immerse yourself in this video.

Pursuing Local Marketing

I have been thinking about doing local marketing for roughly 2 years now. During my information overload phase where I was looking up tons of tips, tricks, and tutorials when all I really needed was action, I came across local marketing but never liked the idea of it because you have to deal with local business owners, and sometimes face to face.While this isn’t terribly scary or anything, it defeats me getting to stay in my PJ’s a create content for my list all day. Wow, that didn’t sound almost spoiled or anything ha. Anyways, I just liked the idea of completely focusing on internet marketing instead of building lead generation websites and then passing off the leads to business owners. It does sound cool but it’s something that I guess I wanted to put off until I had more success with what I was already doing.

In case you were wondering, local marketing is somewhat what I described above but you are providing services like web design, SEO, and lead generation to business owners. I think you guys can pretty well make out the distinction. While there are quite a few differences, marketing has most of the same aspects.

I don’t want to get into too much detail since I just started writing about everything else (affiliate and network marketing) but I will cover it someday. Heck, I may even pursue it once I get my products launched and running for a while. It certainly doesn’t hurt to add more eggs to your financial basket but it can hurt to channel your focus into many different areas at once. Trust me, I know this much from experience, and the two are not a good combo.

Well, I just wanted to throw this out there in case anyone has heard of local marketing but wasn’t sure of what it really was.

Getting Started With Online Marketing

By now I’m sure you know that there is way more than one way to get started making money/starting a business on the internet; and I have tried more than a handful.

The path you choose to take online is yours, and only yours, which means that what’s working for someone else won’t always work for someone else. I can be really hard to see this at first when all you are seeing is money which is why what you are doing needs to be because you enjoy it and it makes a sustainable, long-term income. This is what I want to get down and dirty about here on this blog because I spent  a lot more time searching than scaling up my business and I want to help more people avoid doing the same thing.

I made most of my money online with two MLM’s called Empower Networking and the Internet Lifestyle Network. I recently tried MOBE but that’s when I realized that network marketing is no longer for me. Sure these products were great for making money in the beginning but it wasn’t sustainable for the long haul. On top of that, I had a team of people underneath me that weren’t making near as much as I was, which really started to cause a lot of guilt after almost a year of showing people the way but them end up quitting or failing. This is really sucky and makes you really question what you are pursuing. The money may be good for the time being but it’s not worth it if you are contradicting your true purpose of helping others duplicate your success.

This is what lead me to start this new blog and to finally making the transition to creating a line of products of my own, which is still in the works but coming out very soon. In selling products of my own I will be able to control the majority of what comes in and better yet, brand myself as a leader with all of the knowledge I have accumulated over the years. I am very excited for this change and can’t wait until everything is out of development. In the meantime, I continue to show everyone what it takes to get started with online marketing, just without and MLM’s. We’re building long-term baby, which means there’s no room for that temporary mess here.

Stick around, friends. You won’t be disappointed.